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The End of The Beginning

Well... this took too long to make, but I'm finally sitting down and properly making another blog post. I know there's been a small gap in-between this post and the last one that I made but considering the fact that (as of right now) nobody reads my Blog; I should be ok.

You might be wondering, 'Why was there such a long gap between this post and the last one' since I just pointed it out, to which I shall offer the following, completely acceptable explanation. I got busy, then I procrastinated, then I forgot, then I remembered, then I procrastinated again until here we are now.

I haven't been completely useless in that timeframe however, as even though things have been rather hectic in my life, I made sure to make time to work on a project of mine that's been stirring in the back of my mind for quite a while. It's a new book, to be more specific, and not a picture book either.

Although I've had the idea for a while, I never actually got around to sitting down and actually taking the first steps to start on it until the start of November. I can actually remember the specific moment, as it was right after I'd finished rewatching the show 'Over The Garden Wall' as part of a Sunday ritual I'd been partaking in to prepare for my final Halloween before I turned eighteen. I overshot things however I actually ended up finishing the show after Halloween was over, kind of ruining the whole 'cinematic feeling' I'd been going for, but it was still a moment to remember nonetheless. I made some small progress over November, writing around 25,000 words in the time that I could spare when I wasn't busy with schoolwork or procrastinating, something which plagues me even now... an amount which, although it seems like a lot, was nowhere near to the amount that I was hoping for.

So, during my Christmas break, I decided to hunker down and force myself to write, setting timers for myself alongside a goal of 5,000 words per day. Although I didn't achieve that goal, I managed to keep a steady streak of writing once per day and managed to get over 75,000 words written before the break ended. I actually went so far as to make sure I had written at least 100,000 words before the new year began that I was writing in a frenzy trying to meet that self-imposed deadline 10 minutes before 2023 started.

You might be thinking '100,000 words? Surely, you're done by now?' to which I have to say no, as much as it pains me to do. I've still got a final arc to wrap up and epilogue/ending to do, before going back and working on a list of edits and story changes alongside a complete revising of the manuscript before I can even show it to people. I really would like to show it to others right now, as simply talking about how I'm writing about a book without being able to properly explain what it's about a little bit embarrassing. I don't want to come off as that guy who sits in the corner of a coffee shop and makes a big deal about how he's writing something, but every day I feel like I'm inching towards that stereotype, which is... horrifying, to say the least.

Nevertheless, although I have less free time now, I'm still going to try and get this book in a semi-readable state before this month is over. My goal is to get this book published before I graduate from high school, which although it is a rather lofty achievement to aspire to, I want to at least try my hardest at this so that at the very least, even if this all falls apart and nobody likes the book, I can say with confidence that I tried to follow my dreams, if only briefly.

I'll make another post when I've finished writing out the book, hopefully I won't have to wait too long before doing so.

So, whether you're someone I know personally who's reading over this blog out of a morbid curiosity, or if you're a fan of my work in some far flung disstant future where I've managed to actually publish the book I'm working on, thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you have a wonderful day, and I look forward to writing another post (hopefully) very soon.

Good Day/Good Night

- Ud Din


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