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Lo que pude haber sido Release!

The Spanish Version of What I Could've Been is now for sale!

It's finally here!

What I Could've Been has now been officially translated into Spanish, and can be found for sale here at this link: Lo que pude haber sido

I'm incredibly excited to be able to share this with you all, as I've always wanted this book to be translated into different languages since before I had even published it. Although at first it seemed like an impossible feat to be pulled off especially considering this is a self-published book, with the kindness of a few familiar faces (and a few new ones) I was able to make this into a reality.

Allow me to start by thanking Martin Da Fieno and the entire Da Fieno family, who translated my book into Spanish while still keeping the rhyming scheme alive. One of the biggest challenges when translating any literary work is keeping the same magic & feeling from the original text into the translated version, regardless of what it may be. It's why I had initially given up on getting the book translated, as even if I could find some way to do it I'd really have no way of knowing whether or not I'd been able to keep that same magic (and rhyme scheme) for the translated version of the book.

Martin Da Fieno and his family took it upon themselves to get it done, translating the book and going so far as to get it double, and even triple checked as they passed it around to ensure it had the same meaning and feeling as before. They even went the extra step and attempted to replicate the formatting of the book, which made processing it through Kindle Direct Publishing a lot easier for me and allowed me to format the book without worry of messing something up.

I'd also like to thank Gianna Castro once again for designing an alternative title to the book, which allowed me to create a personalized cover for the Spanish edition rather than trying to fake it which would detract from the book's quality. I'm extremely happy with how the book turned out, and I can't wait for others to see how good it looks.

This post serves as more of an announcement than anything else, especially since there's been no new real developments as of late when it comes to the other projects I mentioned in my previous post. Right now I'm just waiting for my Beta readers to finish reading the second draft of Beyond to give me their thoughts, and looking through the literary agent listings to see who is and isn't a good fit. I'm already an incredibly indecisive person so seeing this many options has left me in something of a daze, to say the least. I'm hoping with a little bit more work I'll be able to narrow it down to a nice list of agencies, and hopefully out of that list one of them might take an interest in the work I've done, and the work I want to do.

Things are still slow on that front, so it'll likely be until next month before I can hopefully make any other major announcements.

Until then, thank you for reading this update, and have a very wonderful summer.

All the best,

- Ud Din


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